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hubers is a VOSA registered garage which means we are accredited by the government as an MOT garage and our dedicated team are here to ensure your car is back on the road quickly.

An MOT test will check that your vehicle meets all road safety and environmental standards. An MOT is a legal requirement for you to drive on public roads and without a valid MOT Certificate your vehicle insurance is invalid.


hubers garage also looks at all the important functions on your car to ensure that they meet the MOT legal requirements. We also check the body and vehicle structure and general items, Fuel system, Exhaust emissions, Exhaust system, Seat belts, Seats, Doors, Mirrors, Load security, Brakes, Tyres and wheels, Registration plates, Lights, Bonnet, Wipers and washers, Windscreen, Horn, Steering and suspension.

MOT pre-testing:

If your MOT is due, we would happy to provide you with a pre MOT test. We will pre test your car, run through all the required MOT checks to ascertain if there are any mechanical issues which prevent a pass. We will then provide you with an itemised account of any work which is required to achieve an MOT pass. A pre-MOT check can dramatically reduce your time and re-test charges, so if the MOT on your car is due and you think it might fail, give us a call today to book your Pre-MOT test.

vehicle to pass the MOT. No work will be carried out on your vehicle until a technician has spoken to you and you are under no obligation to have work carried out by us.

MOT failure:

We pride ourselves on offering a competitive and transparent service, so if your vehicle fails, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the we will give you the very best we will call you with the price to fix it. We can then repair the vehicle before re-testing.

MOT Re-Testing:

In the event your vehicle fails it's MOT we will always give you a cost of parts and labour to repair the car so it passes at the re-test. The following applies for an MOT re-test

Class 4 Car MOT                      £54.85

Class 3 (Three Wheel MOT)      £37.80

Class 7 (Commercial Vehicles)  £58.60


Re-test charge

If we undertake the repairs      F.O.C

If another technician

does the repairs                      £10.00

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