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hubers garage is a friendly and professional garage who cares about your vehicle.


hubers garage welcomes Michael Clayton previously of CLG Garage and Barry Dymott From Martin's Garage to our new premises in Shalford, bringing a lifetime of experience and expertise in motor service, repair and maintenance.


We are an independent competitive family business and so pride ourselves on providing the highest quality vehicle services and upgrades.


Our customers will always receive an honest, reliable service, providing value for money and peace of mind. We are a friendly and helpful team and will always explain in detail any faults with your car, probable causes, and any necessary repairs.

We offer the following Services:
  • MoT testing for cars (class 4, class 7)

  • MoT testing for light commercial vehicles, vans and fleets

  • Air conditioning repairs and servicing

  • Vehicle diagnostics

  • Tyre replacement or repair

  • Exhaust repair and replacement

  • Vehicle bodywork and paintwork

  • Accident and insurance repairs

We offer a first class experience from your initial enquiry and booking, providing  transparent pricing and excellent customer service throughout.

We also offer:

    Free collection and return service

    Free onsite parking

    We will offer you the best advice and support for any of your motoring needs.

Our Technicians:

With combined experience of over 50 years in the motor trade, we ensure that our qualified staff are trained to the highest standards and are kept up to date with the latest technological advances.

Our technicians use only top quality equipment to ensure services equivalent to those offered by main dealers.

Commercial Vehicle Services:

We take care of both privately owned vehicles and commercial fleets. We will assist in all aspects of running commercial fleets for local businesses and are happy to deal with any enquiries large or small. With our commitment to customer care and after sales service, we offer our fleet customers total peace of mind.


MOT Testing at hubers garage

We are a VOSA registered garage which means we are accredited by the government as an MOT garage and our dedicated team are here to ensure your car is back on the road quickly. An MOT test will check that your vehicle meets all road safety and environmental standards. An MOT is a legal requirement for you to drive on public roads and without a valid MOT Certificate your vehicle insurance is invalid.

The MOT looks at all the important functions on your car to ensure they meet legal requirements: Body or vehicle structure and general items, Fuel system, Exhaust emissions, Exhaust system, Seat belts, Seats, Doors, Mirrors, Load security, Brakes, Tyres and wheels, Registration plates, Lights, Bonnet, Wipers and washers, Windscreen, Horn, Steering and suspension.

MOT pre-testing:

If your MOT is due, we would happy to provide you with a pre MOT test. We will pre test your car, run through all the required MOT checks to ascertain if there are any mechanical issues which prevent a pass. We will then provide you with an itemised account of any work which is required to achieve an MOT pass. A pre-MOT check can dramatically reduce your time and re-test charges, so if the MOT on your car is due and you think it might fail, give us a call today to book your Pre-MOT test vehicle to pass the MOT. No work will be carried out on your vehicle until a technician has spoken to you and you are under no obligation to have work carried out by us.

MOT failure:

We pride ourselves on offering a competitive and transparent service, so if your vehicle fails, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the we will give you the very best we will call you with the price to fix it. We can then repair the vehicle before re-testing.

MOT Re-Testing:

In the event your vehicle fails it's MOT we will always give you a cost of parts and labour to repair the car so it passes at the re-test. The following applies for an MOT re-test.

Free Services:

We are dedicated to improving your motoring experience so we offer a range of free checks to all our customers.

Tyre Safety Check the penalties for driving a vehicle with unroadworthy and unsafe tyres are severe, so we are keen to ensure that our customers receive regular tyre checks. Pop in anytime or call to book a short appointment so we can check;

Tyre Tread Depth & Condition As your tread depth decreases, your stopping distance in wet weather will increase.

Tyre Pressure Incorrect tyre pressures adversely affect braking and steering, particularly when cornering.

Car Servicing:

In 2003, a new European legislation changed the way you can have your car serviced and repaired. You now have the freedom to use garages other than main dealers whilst maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty, as long as the manufacturer’s genuine parts are used. So, regulations are in place to maintain quality standards, whilst you have the option to save money on your vehicle maintenance.

All our services are done in a friendly, professional and honest manner by our team of experienced mechanics. We value you and your business so we always go the extra mile to ensure that you are totally satisfied. Our workshop is located in Shalford with free onsite parking, but if you require assistance to get your vehicle to us, we can arrange to collect and deliver.

Full Service:


A full service at hubers garage covers lighting, wheels and tyres, general parts such as mirrors, windscreen wiper blades, exhausts, brake performance, steering and suspension, cooling systems, oil, air and fuel filters, and spark plugs.


Interim Service:


An Interim service at hubers garage includes all service checks plus replacement of oil and oil filter.


Air Conditioning Servicing:

Car air conditioning should be checked and maintained annually. Vehicle owners are advised to avoid simply topping up the gas as this can risk overfilling the unit, which can lead to unnecessary and expensive repairs. A poor performing system will have to work harder, causing a dramatic loss of engine power and far higher fuel consumption. If you would like us to check your air conditioning system for pressures and temperature we are happy to do so.


The minimum legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyre.  Failure to ensure your tyres meet the legal requirement can lead to 3 penalty points on your driver's license and a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre. The danger posed to you and other road users from illegal tyres is reflected in the severity of these penalties. That's why we offer a free Tyre Safety Check! We offer an extensive range of leading brand tyres and economy tyres for cars and commercial vans. Our qualified and experienced staff can take care of all your tyre requirements using specialised equipment. We can give you impartial advice on the best and most suitable tyres for your vehicle and can offer and fit replacement tyres at extremely competitive prices.


hubers garage takes vehicle safety very seriously and no part of your vehicle is more important than the brakes. Brakes should be inspected annually to establish the condition of the hydraulic system and operating hardware. The entire braking system needs annual attention as the pads, shoes, rotors and drums are subject to wear every time you apply your brakes.

Your brakes may need attention if:

  • You can push your brake pedal nearly to the floor

  • You can hear a squealing or other unusual noise whenever you apply the brakes

  • Your car pulls over to one side every time you apply the brakes

  • You feel grinding, bumpy or juddery sensation when you brake

  • In fact, if there is anything about your brakes that make you feel uncomfortable, you should have them inspected immediately!

  • hubers garage specialises in the maintenance of the Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) that are standard on modern vehicles. We have the knowledge and equipment required to ensure that the computer-controlled components of the ABS are working efficiently, for optimum braking performance and vehicle safety. All of the parts we install are guaranteed to meet manufacturer’s standards.

Exhaust Replacement & Exhaust Repairs:


A misaligned or faulty exhaust on your car can decrease engine performance, increase pollution and will cause your car to fail its MOT.  Our team can repair all types of problems with exhausts whether you need a simple repair or a complete replacement. We are here to ensure you get a professional and long lasting car exhaust repair. Most car exhaust problems are caused by general wear and tear or by a previous poor quality exhaust repair.

Common exhaust problems include broken silencers, brackets and manifold studs, cracked catalytic converters, blown gaskets and leaking or corroded joints. Having your exhaust routinely checked can prevent premature exhaust failure. If you think you require an exhaust repair or have any queries about noise coming from your exhaust, please Email or call us today on 01483 427979


hubers garage specialises in quick and affordable car repairs, servicing and upgrades. We can recover your vehicle and drop you where you need to go, causing you the minimum amount of disruption and inconvenience. You can then rest assured that we will investigate your car to find out what has gone wrong and provide you with a clear understanding of the problems and an honest quote to fix the problem. We will do our best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible and can arrange courtesy cars so that you can carry on with your day to day activities.

We promise to:

  • provide a quick and honest service when repairing your vehicle.

  • provide you with clear advice regarding your vehicle and its repair requirements.We will do our best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible and can arrange courtesy cars so that you can carry on with your day to day activities.

  • provide you with a clear idea of the repairs needed and quote you fairly and honestly.

  • carry out all repair work to the highest possible standards.

  • keep you informed of the progress of the work being carried out and to consult you prior to any additional work which may need to be done.

  • carry out all work within agreed budgets and time specifications.

  • get you back on the road as quickly and as cheaply as we can!!

Light Commercial Vehicles:

At hubers garage, we have a full service mechanical repair shop and are an independent provider of Commercial vehicle repairs and maintenance for the Surrey area. We specialise in the servicing and repair of light commercial vehicles and we understand how critical it is that your van is in a roadworthy and reliable condition. Your business is important to us, so we will always prioritise your commercial vehicle repairs to reduce the down-time of the vehicle and the impact on your business. Whether it’s a fleet of vehicles that you operate or a single unit, we are committed to offering cost savings for all our Commercial vehicle customers without compromising on quality of workmanship, parts or service.

So whether you are looking for a one off MOT or Service or would like to discuss booking a larger number of vehicles for frequent servicing and maintenance, give us a call or email us today to discuss your requirements.

Commercial Fleet Services:

Regardless of the size of your Commercial Fleet, we are suitably offer excellent value services for your company.

  • Servicing

  • Inspections

  • MOT preparation

  • Diagnostic equipment to find faults quickly

  • Electrical fault diagnosis

Your Vans are your business, so why compromise?

We can offer you a range of affordable fleet maintenance packages that will allow you to manage the cost within your business without having to compromise on quality of service. We aim to reduce the impact of down time on your business by ensuring a fast, reliable and quality service to all your commercial vehicles.

Customers are welcomed to open up a 30 day based account upon credit approval.

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